The Ultimate Guide to Mini Beauty Fridges

Angelika Jakubek

Posted on July 29 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Mini Beauty Fridges



Why do I need a Mini Beauty Fridge?

Other than the fact that it looks super cute on your vanity table, keeping your skin care products in the fridge can also extend their shelf life and increase the ability of products to soothe and calm skin. A mini beauty fridge can also be used in your car, making your skin care routine so much more portable and road trip-friendly!

What should I keep in the Mini Beauty Fridge?

Where there aren’t any steadfast rules, here are some products that we would recommend keeping in the fridge:

1. Anything with Active Ingredients: Cooler temperatures will keep active ingredients like Vitamin C or Retinol from oxidizing or losing its effectiveness.

2. Sheet Masks/ Eye Masks/ Face Mist: While it's not a must to keep them in the fridge, the cooling effect of these products can help with de-puffing and soothing irritation.

3. DIY Skin Care: Because DIY skin care are made without preservatives, keeping them in the fridge can help regulate the temperature for longer shelf life.

4. Organic Skin Care: Organic skin care like are better kept in the fridge to avoid sunlight exposure, and prevent mold from growing.

5. Probiotics (example: Lactobacillus, Bifidabacterium): Keeping skin care with probiotics in the fridge will keep the “good” bacteria in these products healthy.

6. Facial Tools: Keep your facial rollers in the fridge to help boost their de-puffing effects on the skin.

Where can I buy a Mini Beauty Fridge?

You can now buy a Bliss Beauty Fridge  here at Bliss Rejuvenation!

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